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  • Dave Klinges

Scheffers Lab Members attend Forest Microclimate Workshop

Building on a collaboration that yielded a global synthesis of forest temperature data, several members of the Scheffers group joined ecologists and meteorologists from all over the world for a gathering to plan next steps and new projects.

The focal points of the workshop included planning of next projects using the data synthesis associated with De Frenne et al 2019 Nature Ecology and Evolution as well as the quickly expanding SoilTemp– two exciting global databases with massive potential for ecological and micrometeorological work. Workshop participants also laid out the framework for an upcoming review paper on the ecological implications of forest microclimate.

After the workshop, Brett and Dave took two days to explore what Stockholm had to offer. One of the highlights was visiting the Vasa Museum– dedicated to a 17th century naval vessel, loaded with cannons and hailed as the king's best ship, that tragically (and ironically) sank only a few hundred meters into its first voyage. The ship was recovered in the 1950's, and has since been restored to act as a window to Swedish culture of the past.

Brett and Dave pose in front of a miniature replicate of the Vasa, with the original looming behind.

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